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For start-ups and established business we offer you the prime business location in the heart of The City of London and so much more.

You are able to use our ultimate business and hospitality rooms in a prime City of London premises to hold all your events including work events, training, workshops, conferences, collaboration for your teams etc.  Your event will be catered for and hosted by us.  There is no need to worry about anything as our staff are experts in organising and looking after all your hospitality needs.

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The Way Back to Working in the Office with a sense of Belonging

While working from home peoples biggest concerns are feelings of isolation. People are missing working with their colleagues this is the reason people want to return to the office, they need to connect with their co-workers. People want to feel a sense of belonging at work, this is vital to their health and wellbeing. This also helps with business results — feeling a strong sense of working in their teams of department is a top indicator of people’s productivity, engagement, innovation and commitment to the organisation.

The 2 top reasons for people wishingto return to the office are:
#1 To connect with their colleagues
#2 To reconnect to the their organisation

To Be Productive

People’s desire to structure and accomplish something worthwhile, this has heightened during the crisis. While some experienced “panic productivity” in the early pandemic days, most simply want to be of value and feel their work has purpose. The most important things people want their workplace to support are very pragmatic.

Greater Control

City Business Club realises people want options so they can choose where to work or to adapt spaces based on the task they’re doing or how they like to work personally. While some people feel working from home has allowed them to navigate their day and avoid distractions, nine of 10 countries rank a “quiet, professional environment” in their top five reasons for wanting to return to the workplace, suggesting that home is not always ideal for focus. Teams also need control over the level of privacy and the flexibility to move things around to best suit their work.

Our spaces offers people the choices they need to work or entertain in.  We offer the best furniture and equipment to work in a completely flexible environment allowing members to work as teams and collaborate as they never did before.